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Creating an elegant custom deck for the Rochester New York area, including Park Avenue, is what Hank’s Deck Builder Rochester NY is passionate about because we specialize in building the best decks for every budget. Our company goes above and beyond in the planning, design, and execution of these special custom projects, and we consider our portfolio of custom decks a very important part of our business.

Since we are the premier deck builders in Rochester New York, we work tirelessly at understanding and building precisely what our customers dream about when they come to us to build a custom deck. You can rely on us to manage your vision plans and property value with the assurance that the project will be completed with complete professionalism at the end of it all. We want you, your family, and the people you love most to enjoy your beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space as much as possible in the upcoming years

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With a deck in your backyard, you can bring the fun to the outside and enjoy the pleasant weather and a relaxed environment while having fun with friends and family. With the addition of the deck, you can participate in more activities outdoors with your family and friends. A deck can definitely enhance your lifestyle and raise the value of your home, whether you want a place to host a barbecue or even relax in a hot tub under the stars. Hank’s Deck Builder Rochester NY provides its customers with well-built decks that not only enhance the enjoyment of the home for their families but also attract potential buyers when you decide to put your house on the market.

Perhaps there are some minor repairs that need to be done. You can make your deck look new again with the help of Hank’s Deck Builder Rochester NY. We have a team of deck builders who are ready to help you turn your dreams into reality, no matter what stage you are at. Whether you already have a plan in mind or you are just starting the process, our deck builders can provide you with exceptional service. Why not get in touch with us today and see what a new deck can do for your home.

Quality Decking Materials Pressure-Treated Wood
Natural wood is one of the best looking materials on the planet. It has a beautiful variation in each board, which is why so many people choose wood decks for their home. Staining is an easy way to change the color. It is also cheaper than composite decking, which is much more expensive.

A composite board is one of the most durable types of the board you can buy. There are no warps, cracks, or splits in these products plus they are water-resistant. With this type of deck, you won’t need to do any maintenance, such as staining or sanding, every year. Composite decking boards are attractive because they have a uniform appearance. The cost of composite decking is higher than the cost of wood decking, however, there is no annual upkeep expense, such as purchasing sealant or stain to keep your deck looking good.

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